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Low Voltage Systems

High Power Busbars (HPB)

PowerBar's High Power range is a 1000V, totally encased, low impedance sandwich construction, epoxy resin coated insulation that can be supplied with both copper and aluminium conductor. It is available from 800A to 6600A with a choice of Ingress Protection from IP55 to IP67.

Cast Resin Busbars (CRB)

PowerBar's Cast Resin range is a 1000V, maintenance free, IP68 rated busbar system for outdoor, hazardous or safety applications. It is available from 800A to 6300A and can be supplied with either copper or aluminum conductor.

Medium Power Busbars (MPB)

PowerBar's Medium Power range is a 690V, totally encased, non-ventilated, air insulated construction that can be supplied with either copper or aluminium conductor. It is available from 160A to 800A with Ingress Protection of IP55.

Intelligent Medium Powerbar (iMPB)

Intelligent Medium Powerbar is a 400V open track busway available in two bar configurations from 160A up to 800A. The construction is enclosed within an aluminium casing with Ingress Protection of IP-2X. The conductors are insulated with a custom thermoplastic material with outstanding heat transfer characteristics making it ideal for data centre applications.

Tap off Units

Powerbar offers a range of tap off units to fit both our High Powerbar (HPB) and Medium Powerbar (MPB) ranges for multiple applications. There are over 100 units in our standard range. Powerbar can also manufacture special tap off units to suit any power distribution, metering or control requirements.

Medium Voltage Systems

Medium Voltage Segregated (MVSPB) & Non Segregated Phase MV Busbar (MVNSPB)

Powerbar’s medium voltage (MVSPB & MVNSPB) segregated phase & non segregated phase busbar system range is from 660V to 6.6kV (MVNSPB) & 3.6kV to 36kV (MVSPB) totally enclosed, air insulated FRP or insulator supported copper or aluminium conductors system. The range is available from 1000A to 5000A with multiple bar configuration to suit project requirements.

Medium Voltage Cast Resin Busbar (MVCRB)

Powerbar’s medium voltage cast resin busbar (MVCRB) systems range is 3.6kV to 24kV, totally encased, non-ventilated, polymer concrete encapsulated copper conductors. The range is available from 1250A to 5000A with multiple bar configurations to suit project requirements.