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The Business Concept

SBLT aims to take advantage of the significant opportunities currently presented by the rapidly booming construction sector in Saudi Arabia. This sector is considered to be the fastest-growing sector in the region due to the massive growth in real estate and infrastructure. Naturally, an equal growth in demand for Electrical items is evident. 

Company Background & Overview

Founded in 2005, SBLT is a wholly Saudi-owned enterprise that has carved a niche for itself as a specialized distributor in Electrical Power Distribution. We are dedicated to providing internationally acclaimed products that adhere to the highest standards of quality and performance, offering them at competitive prices to various sectors in the Saudi Arabian market, including the Electro-Mechanical and Construction industries.

Over the years, SBLT has meticulously crafted an extensive global sourcing network, selecting only products of the utmost quality. This worldwide network has enabled us to forge and maintain robust business relationships with manufacturers and service providers internationally.

Our local presence in Saudi Arabia is a significant asset. It has allowed us to build strong, enduring partnerships with some of the largest contracting and construction firms in the country, positioning SBLT as their preferred partner for procurement needs.

In our ongoing commitment to service excellence, SBLT is continually expanding our product range to offer comprehensive solutions to both national and multinational construction companies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Our primary focus is on supplying essential materials for the construction of industrial and commercial buildings, as well as infrastructure projects throughout KSA. The reliability and quality of our services have consistently met our client's needs, fostering lasting business relationships within the Saudi Arabian market.

At SBLT, our dedication to quality is unwavering, and we deeply understand the needs of our end-users. Our goal is to consistently deliver value-added products sourced globally, collaborating closely with our customers to enhance their market presence.

We recognize the critical importance of exemplary service, particularly in providing after-sales support to ensure the enduring quality of our supplied materials.

SBLT is committed to maintaining high-performance standards and actively guides our customers throughout their business journey, ensuring their continuous success and growth.


SBLT’s vision is to become one of the leading trading companies in the region serving our clientele in the most professional way possible by meeting their requirements in every product we are supplying them with. We aim to do so by providing integrated engineered solutions of the highest quality possible.


SBLT’s mission is to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices within the given timeframe with extreme service flexibility in order to deliver maximum customers' satisfactions based on relying on skilled, well qualified and highly experienced personnel during the operational activities.

Our Core Values

Service to Customers

SBLT’s main objective is to provide high quality products and services that meet our customer's requirements and needs and maintain strong relationships with clients and thorough follow-up with them to maintain strong market coverage.


SBLT’s dedicated team is it’s most valuable intellectual capital. SBLT is committed to an environment that attracts, motivates, and recognizes high performance teams


SBLT values fairness, honesty, and dependability in all its activities.

Commitment to Quality

SBLT is committed to provide its customers with the highest quality products in order to fulfil customers' needs and requirements.

Commitment to Innovation

SBLT always seeks to recognize new trends at a very early stage. SBLT also regards change as an opportunity and stagnation as a threat. SBLT is inspired by knowledge and is continuously in pursuit of new ideas and new products to meet our customer’s expectations.

Continuous Improvement

SBLT's products and services are continuously monitored, evaluated, and improved to meet and satisfy the market demands and requirements.

Strategic Goals

  • SBLT looks forward to being known as a premier trading company by providing quality project materials, equipment, and services to all the projects in construction activities which include a wide range of materials, as per the client’s request.
  • SBLT aims to work closely with its customers to build a strong clientele base in the Saudi Arabian market.
  • SBLT seeks growth and improvement of its business portfolio through expanding our scope of business to include new products in the construction sector domain and also in developing other lines of business.
  • Promoting SBLT locally and regionally using representing OEM sources across the globe and establishing joint ventures with international sources.
  • SBLT is engaged in developing a manufacturing base to support our clientele service by providing them with lower prices and quicker delivery times.