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Our Profile

The Business Concept

SBLT aims to take advantage of the significant opportunities currently presented by the rapidly booming construction sector in Saudi Arabia. This sector is considered to be the fastest growing sector in the region due to the massive growth in real estate and infrastructure. Naturally, an equal growth in demand for Electrical items is clearly evident.

Company Background & Overview

SBLT is a 100% Saudi Company established in the Year 2005. SBLT is well established and specialized in Electrical Power Distribution trading company which is actively involved in supplying internationally recognized products conforming to the highest standards of quality and performance with reasonable prices to the Saudi Arabian market in all the areas of electrical, products to serve the Electro-Mechanical and Construction sectors.

SBLT has developed an excellent sourcing network all over the world for identifying highest quality products. With its wide networking established, SBLT has tied up and maintained business relationship with manufacturers and services providers across the globe.

SBLT has leveraged on its local presence and established strong ties and relationships with the largest local contracting and construction firms, to be their leading preferred partner in meeting their procurement requirements.

SBLT is constantly working on improving its services and enlarging its line of products to ensure a comprehensive coverage of serving national and multinationals construction companies inside KSA.

Our major activities involve providing the required materials for industrial, commercial buildings construction and various infrastructure projects in KSA. With the high quality and reliability of our services, we have always been able to fulfil our customers' requirements and establish long-term business relationships with our clients inside Saudi Arabia market.

SBLT is committed to quality and fully understands the needs of the end users. Our constant aims are to deliver to our customer the best value-added products procured from various parts of the world and work closely with our customers in order to advance their roles in their markets.

SBLT understands the importance of having excellent service to enable us to attend to after-sales service to guarantee the quality of our supplied material.

SBLT is seeking a high standard of performance and always provide guidance to our customers throughout the business.